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Coal Creative is an Interactive Agency, dealing in integrated activities from the field of marketing, advertising, website designing and public relations or, to put it shortly, in designing communication and image of companies and institutions.

Our team of experts in various fields will ensure your business’ online presentation is of the highest quality. Just remember you cannot afford to be just usual. Every application created by our team of specialists is perfectly adapted to the company’s profile, as well as to the needs and wishes of its owners. Application, so simple in their form but uniquely elaborate at the same time, are cutting-edge marketing mechanisms which will take you straight to success.

  1. Projekt i development
    Design and development

    We design and develop all our apps and websites using modern technologies and design software so that your investment produces results.

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  2. Design i Development
    Corporate identity

    We design logos and corporate identity knowing it’s importance. We believe that great indetity allows for more optimized marketing investments.

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  3. IT outsourcing
    IT outsourcing

    We provide specialists ranging from frontend and backend developers, working in multiple technologies, to design, marketing and data analysts that can start working for you right-away.

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  4. User experience
    User experience

    We test, prototype and analyze apps, portals and websites as we know that in a competitive market all of the investments have to lead to results.

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  5. Online marketing
    Online marketing

    We believe that only online marketing makes it possible to generate measurable results, give full control over costs and provide better than expected outcome.

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  6. Planning and maintanance
    Planning and maintanance

    We are here to help, our goal is for you to have everything planned and working so that the there are is no expense, only foreseeable investment.

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  • We like to say that we offer 360 degrees solutions. The scope of competence and knowledge we possess allows us to develop a strategy, plan, design and provide further support and development of any digital product.
  • We are mostly experienced in systems created for web and mobile - React, Angular, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby etc. but our developers have experience in many other technologies and frameworks.
  • Certainly, we start our work from the workshop. We believe that an understanding of the customer's goals and experience in their industry must be reflected in the product we create. The number of workshops depends on the project, but we try not to limit their number and do them as often as necessary.
  • We try to respond immediately, with an estimate or questions that will allow us to provide some more detailed quote.
  • The most important are the objectives, information on the current structure and the investor's general insight. We're here to plan and propose the right solution and choose the right technology. If we need any information other than these basic elements, we will be sure to ask :)
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